Registration for Presenters

Registration for presenters is now open.
Volunteers/Presenters/Facilitators Registration
This link is NOT for participants. If you are a member of your District or Charter School team, participant registration is through the Home Base PD system. As a presenter, you are to register for both.

Wiki Preparation

The video above was created on April 11 during an online support session with SI 2014 Region 5 presenters. The purpose of the video is to provide overall wiki navigation and tips for working with wikispaces. Just in time assistance and on-site assistance is offered as a follow up. My contact information is below.

Agenda for Virtual Meetings

Sample Agenda Template

Using the TPACK Toolkit (SI 2013)
A Collaborative Partnership (SI 2014)

WikiSpaces Navigation

The home page can be accessed from the navigation bar (Nav Bar) on any page in the wiki by clicking the DPI logo at the top of the page, the Ready image, or the home text link

Overall wiki navigation is located on the left of each page in the Nav Bar including a link to the overall workshop agenda, posted at the bottom of the wiki home page.The agenda can be accessed by clicking agenda on the nav bar or by clicking the agenda text link at the top of the home page.

Links to the Innovation sessions may be access through the interactive agenda. The overall workshop list with time slots and rooms will be added to the nav bar by April 15. You may share this with the teams coming to SI 2014 in selecting sessions to attend.

Each page of your session should provide navigation through the activities in your session. You may use the style of navigation on the Innovation session with links at the top and the bottom of the page.

Logging in

You must logged into the wiki to edit your page. Using the application to present, Lead Presenters have been invited to the wiki. If you are the lead presenter and you have additional presenters, please send a list with their name and school email address. Once logged in your permissions allow you to edit.

Adding Content

At the top of each page is an edit button. Click to open the editing tool bar. The tools are very similar to most word processing applications. All content will be uploaded to the wiki or other web storage site. Presenters will be using the Presenter set up at Stokes High School. The presenter set up includes Smart software, projector and speakers.

Wiki Support

For just in time support, to add users, schedule virtual or onsite assistance, contact
Ouida Myers, Region 5 Digitial Teaching and Learning Consultant
919 807-1803
blue.celica (Google Hangout and Skype)
Use Hangout and Skpye for quick just in time assistance.


Post them here

Web Accessibility

Colors, images, etc

SI Template

Not Required


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Creating the Interactive Agenda

The innovation session templates include an interactive agenda. Use this agenda to create a new page for each activity. You may use the agenda on the Using TPACK Toolkit session shared above.
The development process:
Create your agenda with timeframe, topics, and learning objectives (LO)
Enter the timeframe, topic and LO on your wiki home page
Select each Topic and create a link to a new page.
The new page will be named the same as the text you selected.
After saving the page, click each link to begin creating content on the page.
The page will already have the title of the activity, so begin by reposting your learning objectives.
Add instructions, media, and other content for the activity.

SI 2014 Parking

To unload material, park close to the building near the Student Parking Lot which is labeled. After unloading, park in the Student Parking Lot.

Setup Time

The school will not be open on Sunday but will be opened at 6:30 a.m. on 7/7/14
Emergency Telephone #Fran Harris-Burke703 217-8170
Amy Blake-Lewis704 960-6075
West Stokes High School On-site Contact/Number

Wiki Navigation
To return to the wiki home page, click Home in the navigation bar to the left or click the DPI logo at the top of the navigation bar.