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Creating Anchor Charts, Role Play, and Games to Increase Motivation and Student Achievement


Dr. Kay Campany


Jessica Miller

Guilford County Schools

Room 332
Participants will have the opportunity to learn how a Biology teacher in a RttT School in Greensboro uses anchor charts, role play, and games to motivate and engage all students including; EC and ESL. Students in her classes exceed expected growth with this creative approach. Participants will also create their own anchor chart.

Instructional Excellence Inventories: A Process of Monitoring for Continuous Improvement

Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin

Thomasville City Schools

Room 339
Ensuring that students are prepared to live independent and productive lives is the ultimate goal of all the activities monitored by Thomasville City Schools. Instructional Excellence Inventories (IEIs) are completed at each school four times a year in Thomasville City Schools to help educators focus on continuous improvement and monitoring. IEIs are designed to help schools analyze and interpret data and seek trends and patterns to determine the impact of classroom instruction on student learning.

Our Journey to Math 1, 2, and 3...

Christy Slate

Davidson County Schools

Room 333
Take a walk through Davidson County Schools' journey in the transition to the Common Core Math Standards in Math 1, 2, and 3. Professional learning communities have been strengthened by building new assessments and looking at data to determine next steps. Curriculum leaders and teachers will share experiences in training and implementing our new curriculum.

Schoolnet Comes Alive

Ceretha Mitchell

Thomasville City Schools

Room 341
This session will focus on the creation of Instructional Focus Calendars with the integration of Schoolnet resources. Join us for more information in how Thomasville City Schools collaborated with over 100 stakeholders to align standards and choose innovative curriculum to maximize student achievement.

Responding to Growth Data

Andrew Kraft

Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools

Room 337
Since teacher effectiveness is measured by student growth through the NC Final Exam it would help teachers to have some indication of how they are doing at growing students as the semester progresses. Unfortunately teachers do not get growth data until well after the school year is over. This session focuses on how a social studies department in one school district attempted to use data in the middle of the semester to predict which students are growing and suggest how to address the needs of students that are not growing.

Common Core Literacy

Alexandra Hoskins

Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools

Room 335
Come learn how to make Common Core Literacy a painless learning experience! This session will provide a basic explanation of implementation for Common Core Literacy. The Common Core Literacy series of professional development workshops offers a simple explanation of reading skills and practical graphic organizers for immediate classroom application.

Achieving Academic Excellence for African American Male Students

Effie McMillian

Guilford County Schools

Room 342
Through a racial equity lens and research-based literacy best practices, Guilford County Schools is addressing the achievement of our African American male students. During this session, participants will learn strategies schools can utilize to promote successful outcomes for these students.

Implementing RTI - A School's Journey

Suzanna Beamish

Wake County Schools

Room 315
Hear how one secondary school created procedures and processes to implement RTI. They will share their multi-year journey and how they were able to improve efforts by using data to identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, create enrichment/remediation groups, and encourage collaboration among staff.

The Business of Education

LaToya Castro-Gallimore

Durham County Schools

Room 322
Participants will learn some basic business principles that can help to improve student’s work ethic, behavior and relationships with their teacher. Learn how treating your class as a business environment can help to support your school’s mission and vision.

Building the Foundation: Davie County High School STEM Center

Noel Grady-Smith

Davie County

Room 325
Davie County Schools partnering with NC New Schools formed the STEM Center at Davie High School becoming a part of the NC STEM Affinity Network. In its third year, transitioning from RtT funding, the program continues to grow. Classroom best practices, student project-based learning and career and college focus will be explored.

Strategies to Prepare Learners with Diverse Needs to Achieve the Common Core State Standards

Connie Crimmins

Orange County

Room 323
As Orange County Schools implemented Common Core state standards, teachers and curriculum leaders discussed the needs of diverse learners. Two purposeful strategies emerged. The first strategy is differentiation and Universal Design for Learning within the core instruction (Tier 1). The second strategy assesses a student’s area of greatest reading need and provides targeted intervention within Tier 2. This presentation will describe Orange County Schools’ implementation of these strategies and their impact on student achievement.

Get off the Bench with BenchMarks and Classroom Assessments!

John Marshall

Davie County

Room 324
Session will explore the process of developing pacing guides and curriculum maps, the process of building benchmarks and classroom assessments through SchoolNet (selecting items, personnel involved in generating), district role vs. teacher role, the need for a “Plan B” and how data from benchmarks and assessments drive instruction through PLC’s.

NC Read to Achieve

Rebecca Belcastro


Room 319
During this session participants will receive Read to Achieve updates, participate in regional data reviews, and have a collaborative discussion focused on the framework for supporting the upcoming school year.

Putting the Practices Into Action

Denise Schulz


Room 320
Participants will put the Mathematical Practices into “Action”. They will explore the Standards for Mathematical Practice using high-leverage tasks that provide opportunities to utilize each of the practice standards.

An Overview of Open Class

Amy Blake-Lewis and Paul Marshall

Room 330
Thinking about Open Class? This session will provide an overview of the features that Open Class brings to a collaborative environment.

Speaker / Implementation Innovation 1 / Implementation Innovation 2 / Job-Alike Sessions / Facilitated Team Time / Regional Updates / Implementation Innovation 3

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