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Implementation Innovation Session 1

The Writing Institute: A Collaborative Partnership

Lisa Thompson

Alamance Burlington School System
Room 339
Responding to the CCSS increased focus on writing, the Alamance-Burlington School System and Elon University joined forces to support the growth and development of teacher leaders in the area of writing, including instruction in writing for all ABSS teachers.

Data Teams Deep-Dive: Reaching Students Through a Structured Team Approach to Data Analysis and Instructional Decision-making


Dr. Julie Bost

Alamance Burlington School System
Room 341
A focus on PLCs has been in place for a number of years across the state and nation. The Alamance-Burlington School System has recognized both the value in this collaborative process and the need for more clarity in defining the work of teams charged with increasing student outcomes through targeted teaching and learning. This session highlights the district's data teaming process, and provides participants with an opportunity to learn from a school that has experienced the benefits and challenges that come with a collaborative data teaming model.

Innovation Generation

Ken Scott

Rockingham County Schools

Room 337

This session will focus on the work our district is doing to prepare our students for unforeseen challenges and new careers of the 21st Century. We are convinced that the 21st century will require artists that think like engineers and engineers that think like artists. Our work with STEM and our high school Academies are producing these kinds of students.

Common Core Literacy

Alexandra Hoskins

Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools
Room 335
Come learn how to make Common Core Literacy a painless learning experience! This session will provide a basic explanation of implementation for Common Core Literacy. The Common Core Literacy series of professional development workshops offers a simple explanation of reading skills and practical graphic organizers for immediate classroom application.

Diving for Excellence: Improving Instruction Through Focused Data Dives

Crystal Clodfelter

Thomasville City Schools
Room 342

Data Rich Information Poor? Not anymore! This session will demonstrate how Thomasville City Schools is striving for excellence through the use of meaningful data. School level data teams are leading conversations about student performance and instructional practices. We will share our framework for establishing effective processes for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Our Journey to Math 1, 2, and 3...


Christy Slate

Davidson County Schools
Room 333
Take a walk through Davidson County Schools' journey in the transition to the Common Core Math Standards in Math 1, 2, and 3. Professional learning communities have been strengthened by building new assessments and looking at data to determine next steps. Curriculum leaders and teachers will share experiences in training and implementing our new curriculum.

Demystifying Culturally Responsive Teaching

Avis Williams

Guilford County Schools
Room 315
While culturally responsive teaching can be achieved in a variety of ways, its connection to literacy provides students with a stronger sense of self while improving their academic achievement. This session will provide teachers with cross-content, instructional methods that combine CRT with literacy instruction.

Get off the Bench with BenchMarks and Classroom Assessments!

John Marshall

Davie County Schools
Room 324
Session will explore the process of developing pacing guides and curriculum maps, the process of building benchmarks and classroom assessments through SchoolNet (selecting items, personnel involved in generating), district role vs. teacher role, the need for a “Plan B” and how data from benchmarks and assessments drive instruction through PLC’s.

Language Immersion Provides Students a Global Competitive Edge Coupled with Academic Rigor

Sharon Harper

Randolph County Schools
Room 324
Our session will begin with sharing the many ways language immersion programs enhances a students' educational experience. Next we will share Reading 3D & EOG data comparing language immersion students' progress to traditional students' progress.Discuss how we integrate Global Awareness into the Common Core standards in all subject areas. Show a few video clips of our immersion students interacting with the teacher and/or classmates in ELA's groups, math class, science and social studies.Provide the opportunity for questions and answer session.

Remediation Remix: Maximizing Staff to Improve Student Achievement

Angela Moore

Thomasville City Schools
Room 322
In this session, participants will learn an innovative approach to maximizing remediation time without interruption to provide on-grade level instruction. This session will show how collaboration with the ESL teachers, EC teachers, and Reading Interventionists can enhance Common Core teaching and push the remediation block to the next level.

Data Tools = Working SMARTer

Jesse Hiatt

Mt Airy City Schools
Room 323
This presentation will include specific data calculators to help ensure all professional learning communities are setting SMART goals. Districts can close the gap within five years by understanding student data and making an action plan to reach all students. The calculator can be catered to support all subjects and the Read to Achieve legislation. The use of data to drive instruction must be intentional, purposeful, and easy for all educators to use. This presentation will provide practical ways to make data come alive and create pathways for all students to achieve.

Supporting Standards Instruction: A District Perspective

Amy Nail

Stokes County Schools
Room 320
How can a district use its resources to assure that classroom teachers understand the standards, can identify best practices for instruction, and understand what students should know and be able to do if they have mastered a standard? The answer- district-wide curriculum map meetings.​

Staying Current with the Read to Achieve Legislation

Rebecca Belcastro

Room 319
During this session participants will receive Read to Achieve updates, participate in regional data reviews, and have a collaborative discussion focused on the framework for supporting the upcoming school year.

Keynote / Implementation Innovation 1 / Implementation Innovation 2 / Job-Alike Sessions / Facilitated Team Time / Regional Updates / Implementation Innovation 3

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